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"Owning the ability to achieve what seems impossible is a necessary reckoning."

Princella has always been interested in the art of the written word and photography. Ask her about her influences and she’ll name her beloved grandmother and mother. As a child, Princella’s grandmother nurtured her love for reading by buying her books from garage sales and thrift stores. The more she read, the more her love for writing grew. Princella’s mother also played a significant role in her writing journey by always encouraging her to think big, embrace her rebellious nature, and never sell herself short. This motivation gave her the drive to become the bold writer she is today.

Where others may not have seen opportunities, Princella has jumped in headfirst since the age of six when she would clip images out of magazines and paste them into her notebook as inspiration to create new stories. She won her first writing contest at age 12 but couldn’t claim her prize because she was under 18. Since then, Princella has built an impressive resume as a writer, ghostwriter, and photographer. Her writing portfolio includes an array of content from a long list of magazines, initiatives, and companies. She has been a columnist for a variety of outlets including CBS Las Vegas and Las Vegas’ Guardian Liberty Voice. In addition, her creative drive and talent landed her opportunities to conduct celebrity interviews and work on a campaign for the Grammys. 

While being represented by Tru Talent Agency as a model in Las Vegas, she fell in love with photography and eventually transitioned to working behind the camera. Her photography works have been published by Vogue Italy in addition to other notable publishers.

Princella prioritizes caring for people and the planet in her work and personal life. She has published written works on topics such as climate change and social entrepreneurship, ecotourism, and the role of AI in environmental conservation. In 2020, she was named a Public Voices Fellow of the OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. This year-long fellowship program is a unique and impactful collaboration between the OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Princella has also worked as part of the Citizens’ Climate Education team where she served as a Development Coordinator, Diversity Outreach Coordinator, and started the Climate and Culture Action Team. The Climate and Culture Action Team now has 170 members nationwide who work together to address disparities that intersect with the climate crisis. Furthermore, she advocates for change by volunteering her time and expertise to various organizations.

Based in Central Louisiana, Princella spends her free time enjoying theater, indie music and films and hanging out with her animal friends.

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