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Finding an everyday scene and adding photographic interest to it is what I'm all about. As a natural light photographer,  I follow a very organic process of shooting, and I don't show up with a lot of equipment. I prefer to capture raw moments and embrace elements of bohemian flair in my work. 

I work with models of all experience levels. If you book a shoot with me, 100% of the costs will be donated to the environmental organization of your choice.

Your collaboration with this model is wonderful -- excellent composition! - Bik Ale

I appreciate natural light photography like yours, and this model is perfectly staged and captured. Lovely! - AriDublyu 

Wow! Rock chic. I love the "Pulp Fiction" edgy, raw, yet sexy and alluring feeling to this image! Definitely the eastern European feel to this one. Maybe even Germany. - HighLander 

Stark and Sexy. I think of Syd and Nancy. The sadness, the desire, the lost possibilities. It's as if you are directing the shadow to engulf her a second at a time. - Exile Photo Editions

Outstanding, I love everything. The color, framing, model, pose, light....everything!-thedrewce

Rock'n'roll!! This is just so fly! I like the way its put in an alternative setting too, great shadow.  Fantastic location and beautiful model. A really nice high key - I can feel the heat. - Stefan Hudson

I like the mystery that the light and dark create in this picture. Sensual and artistic with beautiful composition and natural light and contrast. I love the lighting bouncing off the lower poles plate and semi silhouette. - BFreeMedia

The Outsider


Kudo's on creating an image that causes one to pause and explore. Love it! - JPP

Super cool shot... love the way you have framed this shot... composition superb!! -EH Photographic Arts

Outstanding composition. Nice story line as well.- Stan Freedman

I can feel the vastness, the loneliness. Nice image.- Exile Photo Editions

Nice composition. Very well done.- Chris Hutch Photography

This photo has a great mood. I love the colour and also the model is really good . ..Top pic. - M fashion Photography

Very nice composition!!! - Benoit Provost

Super cool shot. - Liliana Page

Egg-cellent capture, beautifully done. - Connor Photography

Love the composition of this shot. It has a very candid feel (my kind of shot). - Intimate Art

Interesting art concept. - S O F Action

Awesome image... glad to be coming across more art on MM. - Pure Artistry

Terrific model. Fantastic pose. Lovely location. Excellent capture. - New Spirit Photography

Great location! - Paul Smollen

 Awesome composition and setting, well done. - Phox Photography Studio

Love the composition of this one! - Victor Kolyszko

Beautiful image, I love the dark and natural colors. Very amazing work. - SD ProModels

Great composition. - Samuel Adams Studio

Interesting shot.- Portraits by Stevie D

Fun location. Nice image. - Luminous Being

Beautiful Shot! Man, I'd love to shoot this location! - Kerry Rand Photography

Love the concept... awesome image. - Photos by Dennis

Down-home gorgeous, terrific vision and composition on this. - AQ - Fantasy

Cool shot! - Perrone Photography

Yes! I love your sense of composition! this image is brilliant! great job! - Jhira Cochrane Photo

Wow. there's a story here. simply a stunning image! - jason girard - chicago

Some photographers are just photographers... some are painters... your clearly a painter- good show! - Silverton Photography

This is very cool and very appealing for some reason, childhood memories maybe?- beusbeus

Location and comp are very good....well done. GPG Photography

Such a powerful image! So many emotions and memories associated with everything in this picture. What a great capture! - Aicacia Y

I  love the details of this photo, simple capture, but strong impact. - STHF

Beautiful composition. refined and elegant. - LucidPic Photography

Very story telling image !!!! - keith cimera

It's funny, but even from looking at this as a thumbnail, I was sure it would be something that Vogue Italia would accept. Nice work. - RistPhoto

I love this photo! There is just so much going on! Rustic beauty! - Kat Lehto

Thought provoking! - Photos by Farley

Cool image, makes me wonder. - Art And Faces

Vogue approved! Congrats! -Left Bank Foto and Art

There's something very powerful about this image. I love it! - Leanne Ramnarine



Beautiful image and such clarity! - K&R Photography

Lovely! - Cindil Ashley

Beautiful capture and mood to this image. - Hodapp Photography

Beautiful! The lighting is perfect and I love the angle of this shot. - emohippiechick

Love this one. Beautifully done! - Genetix Photo

So beautiful! I wish I was in Louisiana so I could work with you!! - Rebecca Laura

Love the color and angle here! - Douglas Scott

Very unusual pool image, very cool colors and composition! - Charles StJames

Amazing light! - GMH

Wonderfully ethereal. I could see this as an album cover! - Lelia Adams

Love the natural light in this! - chellforte

Nice sun worship shot! - Chris Widick

Beautiful shot, very "soft grunge." - Angie Marie

YES YES YES!!! I love it! - K A R A


It Happened In Vegas


"Headed West, looking for trouble...." - sun film

Love the location and feel! - Eternal Mind

My fave! - Creepy Cassie

Such a classic image. I love it. - Artistic Ambitions

Lovely colours, love the idea! - Irina Brown

Striking setting. Great concept. Stunning work! - Artisan Photography

Great theme here! - Viking Models

This one works pretty welll! Great shot! - Jaunedoe

Everything about this is perfect. I especially love the colours and location. - Davey Snow

Beautifully staged album cover art.- Reflected

Love the location and the styling. - N V PHOTOGRAPHY

Cool! Almost seems like a Shania Twain & Elvis Presley combo. - RedwoodForest

Great shot. Love the feeling. - CameronDoanePhotography

Nikki Magnusson

October 07, 2012 10:40pm
Mag Shot ... Perfect!!....puss puss Nikki

Great capture !!! This is like a story !!! Amazing. - Behind The Flash

Great image ... all kinds of commercial applications. - Jouissance Images

This would be a cool duets jacket cover.- Ben Hoffy

My favorite, love the styling and the location is amazing Xo Lilah - Lilah Quinn

Very editorial. Great location and superb styling. - Stillman Photography

Great one! Love the high contrast of fashion and leather and the desert! - Hellion Photography

Great location and command of the light. - Alan H Bruce

Makes me wonder what's out there. Well done. - Frank J Lee

Wonderful idea and image. - Rich Dunoff

Real cool perspective. - nac

Love the symbolic quality in this one, great tones! - Dutch Nude Art

Awesome Concept theme and what a Location to shoot. Amazing. - mark hollywood


An Alluring View


What a great spot for a closed in shot. Nice going. -
robert b mitchell

I still get excited by how well the photoshoot turned out. Let me know if you and Stevie return to New Orleans, would love to both see you, your latest photo-fun, and maybe even bother you long enough for a fun shoot! Thank you again, Princella! - Call me H

This is such a kick ass photo!!!!! - Eclairer Photography

Great work! - Bill Carson Photography

The large fall-off on the bottom give this a dangerous and intrigue feel to the already attractive model pose. - AQ - Fantasy

Exquisite .... Insanely Jealous Of This Capture .... The Minute I Saw It, I Immediately Thought .... This Screams 'New Orleans' And Low And Behold, The Location Was Indeed Shot In New Orleans! *raises the ceremonial 10 shot espresso* SALUTE! - shadowzwillfall

Lovely capture! - EdwardKristopher

Cute concept and image! - The House of Velvet

Very beautiful! - JeLoire

Polygon Photography

Love the color combinations here. Really makes it stand out.

Good use of color, against all the muted tones. - calvinbrockington

Cool, nicely framed and love the funky pose too, well captured indeed! - MarkG

Love the brightly colored leggings in contrast with the rest of the neutral colors in the pic!- JS Fine Art Nudes

Unique composition! Very alluring! - Daniel Dougherty

Great pose, really shows her curves off nicely! - Kelly Kooper

Love the look of this. Very eye catching...and also love the splash of color. Well done!!! - Darin Farano

Great use of the environment for framing and love her pose and the color contrasts! - K&R Photography

This is gorgeous!! - Victoria Murdok

Love the pose , great location, wonderful shot. - Liliana Page

I like the pose and the setting... nice idea for a fashion shot. - Bland Lipscomb

Love the contrast of colors!!- Miss Ruby Sparkles

Great use of available light! - AKBAR

The great crop gives an intense closed in and framed feel. Dynamite work! Aquiline Photography

Nice creative work here!  Frank Moten

Gorgeous shot, I love the framing and composure. The vivid colors really draw the viewers eye right into this!! - DaveDavis

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