Commercial Photography

Some photographers are just photographers. Some are painters. You're clearly a painter. Good show! - Silverton Photography

Love the composition of this shot. It has a very candid feel (my kind of shot). Intimate Art

Your collaboration with this model is wonderful -- excellent composition! - Bik Ale

Super cool shot. I love the way you have framed this shot, composition superb!! -EH Photographic Arts 

Very editorial. Great location and superb styling. Stillman Photography

Love the look of this. Very eye catching...and also love the splash of color. Well done!!! - Darin Farano

Very unusual pool image, very cool colors and composition! Charles StJames

Wonderfully ethereal. I could see this as an album cover!Lelia Adams

Yes! I love your sense of composition! This image is brilliant! great job! Jhira Cochrane Photo

So beautiful! I wish I was in Louisiana so I could work with you!! Rebecca Laura

Great use of the environment for framing and love her pose and the color contrasts! K&R Photography

Gorgeous shot, I love the framing and composure. The vivid colors really draw the viewers eye right into this!! - DaveDavis

I appreciate natural light photography like yours, and this model is perfectly staged and captured. Lovely! - AriDublyu 

I  love the details of this photo, simple capture, but strong impact. STHF

This photo has a great mood. I love the colour and also the model is really good . ..Top pic. M fashion Photography

Great capture !!! This is like a story !!! Amazing. Behind The Flash

Stark and Sexy. I think of Syd and Nancy. The sadness, the desire, the lost possibilities. It's as if you are directing the shadow to engulf her a second at a time. -Exile Photo Editions

The great crop gives an intense closed in and framed feel. Dynamite work! -Aquiline Photography

Wow! Rock chic. I love the "Pulp Fiction" edgy, raw, yet sexy and alluring feeling to this image! Definitely the eastern European feel to this one. Maybe even Germany. - HighLander 

This is such a kick ass photo!!!!!Eclairer Photography

Beautiful composition. refined and elegant. - LucidPic Photography

I like the mystery that the light and dark create in this picture. Sensual and artistic with beautiful composition and natural light and contrast. I love the lighting bouncing off the lower poles plate and semi silhouette. - BFreeMedia

Super cool shot. I love the way you have framed this shot, composition superb!! -EH Photographic Arts

Beautiful shot, very "soft grunge." - Angie Marie

Exquisite. I'm insanely jealous of this capture. The minute I saw it, I immediately thought: This Screams 'New Orleans!' Lo' and behold, the location was indeed shot in New Orleans! *raises the ceremonial 10 shot espresso* SALUTE! - shadowzwillfall

Beautifully staged album cover art.Reflected

Beautiful capture and mood to this image. - Hodapp Photography

Rock'n'roll!! This is just so fly! I like the way its put in an alternative setting too, great shadow.  Fantastic location and beautiful model. A really nice high key - I can feel the heat. - Stefan Hudson

Beautiful image, I love the dark and natural colors. Very amazing work. SD ProModels

Beautiful! The lighting is perfect and I love the angle of this shot. emohippiechick

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